ALEGRE SAPORTA Since 2009 I´ve been involved in different multidisciplinary projects and productions throughout Panama. Although each of these projects have their own unique approach, they all share the goal of integrating art in a way to help highlight the Panamanian identity, through architecture, design, and photography.My main objective has been to try to help build an educational and cultural movement, to create a level of proudness towards the identity and traditions that the country offers.
This is how I discovered a fascination and dedication to dance and the performing arts, while it grew, my interest in other artistic expressions was always present.
After ten years as a photographer, working with artists from many different countries and having the opportunity to featured my work in various shows, I feel that our cultural movement is beginning to show its possibilities in Panama.
My art exhibition “Trazos de la mujer Guna” showed the life of the indigenous culture, through realistic pencil drawings, while most of my other exhibitions and collaborations (such as the Bold Beauty Project and PhotoSeptember at the MAC) express the reality of the people living in this diverse country.
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Panama City, Panama