Bold Beauty Project

DISABILITY becomes BEAUTY becomes ART becomes CHANGE

On December 3, 2019 world disability day Bold Beauty Project was presented in Panama thanks to Sabrina Naimark from Impacta Panama.
10 women 10 photographers 20 stories.
Bold Beauty Project is a women's empowerment project
with disabilities, focused on raising awareness about the perspective of beauty.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀The idea is to transform what disability is into beauty, through photographs. Thanks to our 10 models, their photographers and all who participated for joining us to make this possible.

Model: Rose Jiménez.Treacher Collins Syndrome.Dream: to be a news journalistPhotographer: Alegre Saporta.
What I'm most passionate about photography is being able to tell people's stories, learn about their cultures and be able to travel to each individual universe and learn something new every day.
Bold Beauty proyect was an inspiration to know the story and the strength that each of the women behind this project has, it teaches you a lot about the importance of values ​​as human beings and the purpose we have to move forward with strength to never give up.
Working with Rose taught me how important it is to pursue our passion, she encountered many obstacles on her way, and many doors have been closed to her for having Treacher Collins Syndrome. Her dream is to be a television journalist, due to the stereotypes of what the television image is, which we are exposed to, all the time, she has not been given the opportunity and they have overlooked the capacity and passion that Rose has for being a great journalist. But thanks to the Bold Beauty Project, Rose was able to spend an afternoon with the team on a set of the best news channel in Panama and she was able to breathe that dream and her face transmitted inspiration and joy, she showed dreams are not impossible.
After making Bold Beauty Project Panama 2019 a reality, we had the honor
from being present at Art Palm Beach 2020 at the beginning of the year.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀An incredible experience for all of us who are part of this wonderful project, focused on inclusion, with the aim of transforming disability into beauty.

Model / Photographer in order
Valeria Porcell / Rini AbadiKeira De Gracia / Isa de LeónCamila Sosa / Michelle Galindo Ronit Mezrahi / Susana AramburuRosa Doens / Natalie SoferNatalie Shabanov / Liz PintoEtty Faskha / Javier Sucre Sabrina Murillo / Tete OlivellaRose lynn Jiménez / Alegre SaportaLara Arosemena / Celine Eskenazi