Panama is unique in the way they celebrate their independence. There are five official national holidays in the month of November, which are represented in military parades paying tribute to the country.
November 3 Independence Day of Colombia, or "Separation of Colombia". (1903).
November 4 Flag Day, a military and national pride, created in 1925 as a national symbol.
November 5 This day celebrates the liberation of the city and the port of Colón, on the north coast of the Caribbean coast of Panama in 1903.
November 10 The first cry for independence. This commemorates the beginning of the battle for independence with Spain in 1821.
November 28 Independence Day from Spain, (1821). Each holiday has a variety of parades, speeches, and cultural events to showcase local colors, gastronomy, and dress. Across the country school bands compete for supremacy, showing a year of practice with music, and the local rhythms by marching in chronological order according to the year of foundation of each school. It is a great expression of national pride and history.